Wednesday 11th January

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Givenchy: Pre-Fall 2017

There are three categories in the Givenchy pre fall collection. Classic, fashion, and urban. Three generations if you will. Think of it in terms of Dynasty. You have your Alexis, she’s the classic, Fallon is the fashion which makes urban the unborn spawn of Fallon, the grandchild Alexis might have had had Fallon not been taken away from us, and her, one night on a lonely road by an alien space craft. Anyway, the classic, as you can probably gather from the name is classic. Classy, rich looking tailoring with plenty of silk thrown in that whisper’s so seductively of wealth and a rather excellent, leg lengthening trouser, not to mention a smattering of beading. Well, you can’t be Alexis and not sparkle mid cat fight. You want the light to bounce off you in a flattering way when pushing your arch nemesis down the stairs. Fashion is classic distilled. The socialite daughter mixing things from her mother’s wardrobe with some other stuff. So you’ve got the tailoring from classic, but in punchy red’s and bubble gum pinks and thrown into the mix is a yellow fur, a sheer flouncy hem, a ruffled trouser made for nights of disco dancing. Urban is well just that, urban. perfect for the rebellious grand spawn. You know Alexis would never approve of a denim dungaree. Even more reason to wear one.