Ten Loves: Gucci Attache Bag

Who needs fuck boys when you can just get overly attached to your trusty handbag instead? I mean, how could you not? Especially looking at the latest beauty to join the Gucci family of accessories.

Dubbed the Gucci Attache, the crescent-shaped hobo bag is pulled from the house archives, revamped for today’s customer.

“I was fascinated by the bag after having laid upon it a casual and fleeting glance while I was in the archive,” says Alessandro Michele. “Immediately, a desire took shape to reinterpret it and include it in the Love Parade collection for the fashion show in Los Angeles because its silhouette, typical of the Seventies, projects a very modern attitude that convinced me to draw out an eclectic symbol that could express the idea of a dual function.”

The Attache is recognisable for its G-shaped metal clasp which hooks the bag into its distinct silhouette. It comes in two sizes and can be worn both over-the-shoulder and cross-body, equipped with interchangeable straps – nifty, ay?

As Michele puts it, the Attache unites a bourgeois spirit with utility and functionality. The best of both worlds, really.

Shop the Gucci Attache here. 


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