Thursday 2nd June

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Gucci: Cruise 2017

What did you do for lunch today? Queue up in Boots for a meal deal mere mortals? Or like us unruly gaggle of fashion folk, spend the afternoon in Westminster? No, we weren’t making an argument against Brexit, rather we were attending the Gucci Resort 17 show, which, on second thoughts kind of made the argument against Brexit for us. How better after all to celebrate European unity than one of the finest Italian houses showing off it’s wares in our very own London town. And what an eclectic celebration of all that is British it was. It was literally us, on a Sunday morning, slightly bleary of eyed, crawling to the nearest corner shop in a mismatch of things found randomly on the floor. But upright and far more polished. We are not. And what is this patchwork of English eclecticism made of? Noddy Holder tartans and Laura Ashley florals, but brighter. Punkish acid washes and modish stripes. Dennis the Menace knits and psychedelic Sixties swirls. And finished off with a stacked Spice Girl trainer. Well, what else says Britain better than a Buffalo shoe? The Union Jack? That was there too. As well as a head scarf. Think the Queen off duty, in a field with corgis. You get the general gist. Imagine getting into a time machine and making a pit stop in every decade. If London is known as a melting pot of cultures then Gucci was a melting pot of Englishness. With an Italian twist of course. We’re not nearly as chic in real life.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans