Tuesday 13th December

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Gucci: Pre-Fall 2017

Has the Gucci lady crossed the final frontier of all female fears and outed herself as a cat lady? There were a lot of cats here. Both in big cat form, adorning a whole array of sweaters, skirts and even making an appearance in the form of tulle heads on gloved wrists, and also in more domestic, and living, breathing form in the images. Not that the Gucci lady is a cat lady in the traditional sense of cat lady, where you fear that death is nigh and that when it finally comes you will be discovered only weeks later, on the floor, your precious pussy nibbling on your toe or some other extremity. Think of the cat as a new, or rather more prominently featured addition to the Gucci animal menagerie. This collection is what you would call classic Gucci, in the Alessandro Michele sense, his skewing all preconceptions of what it was before still going strong. A sort of mash up of eccentric, rich lady 60’s and 70’s aesthetics. Tinged this time with the slightest hint of sportiness, in the shape of a stirruped pant, worn under everything in sight. It’s almost as though Harold and Maude, have morphed into a single human entity and been rendered real in glorious technicolour. As Maude did say, when reminiscing about her youth, that she used to break into pet shops to liberate canaries. She decided that it was an idea way before it’s time. Would it be wrong to say that this is that, just minus the canaries?