Thursday 14th December

| BY Joel Traptow

Gucci: Pre Fall 2018

Being glamorous 24/7, 365 days a year is hard work, so thank god for Gucci. This Pre Fall season, Alessandro has taken the ultra-glam Gucci girl and made her a bit more casual – baseball caps, flat sneakers, chunky socks with a heel and the like. Comfy chic? Almost. It’s living your life like you are the queen of the world but in reality you’ve run out of mayo for your Sunday roast (don’t ask) and so you’ve thrown on a cap and sneakers with, say, an embellished lace day dress. All of which, it appears, Gucci are very good at making.

On the accessories front, a new shoe – or boot, rather – also making an appearance is a lovely slouchy thigh high that cinches the upper leg like a bit of rope does on expensive meat. Well, that’s what they would look like on our legs anyway – on slimmer legged sorts (and, well, women) they look altogether fabulous. We obviously are screaming about the Gucci logo ones, because, in case you didn’t know – logos are not a trend, they are a lifestyle.