Wednesday 21st September

| BY Roxy Lola

Gucci: Ready-to-wear SS17

Relax, take a deep breath in and let it all out. Welcome to Alessandro Michele’s phantasmagoric freak show. Here we sit in a state suspended somewhere in between reality and fantasy, teleported full throttle into the Gucci dimension. A new world. And so we were inside Michele’s mind perhaps, the sound of rain pouring down as church bells rang out vibrating throughout the room. Smoke filled the space and it glittered, pink everywhere, a world of reflection, 250,000 sequins. It was a line up of all things Michele loves – lush brocades, the signature Gucci stripe of red and green cleverly worked in and festooned tiered dresses with the sun’s rays illuminated in gold, a beautiful manuscript from the Renaissance, of course. They held fans and wore platforms, inspired by Venetian prostitutes… but were they women of the night? Yes, glamorous and twisted but modest. Black veils and suit jackets, ‘Blind For Love’ in this ‘Modern Future’. “Fashion is the most beautiful illusion you can have,” Michele tweeted before the show. And he is the master illusionist. The Gucci dimension is where we will stay. Alessandro Michele is our God. He’s always watching.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans