Wednesday 8th February

| BY Jack Moss

Gypsy Sport: Ready-to-wear AW17

In an unprecedented move, Rio Arube, the designer behind Gypsy Sport did away with the need for a press release entirely (the written word? who needs that?) and instead appeared as a disembodied voice from backstage pre-show to explain the collection. Which was, according to him, brought on by seeing the homeless people of New York, Paris and Mexico. Slight squirm on the seat for that particular reference point. So far, so DERELICTE. But the choice of words might have gone against Rio slightly – this was actually far more thoughtful than the previous has suggested. Clothing that talked of migration, of crossing borders, creating a wardrobe that looked as if gathered together over time, all in that vein of warped sportswear that Gypsy Sport has long been known for. And the boys and girls that walked the catwalk were, where other people just say it (a single size 8 does not count as “range of body sizes”) a throughly diverse casting of gender, colour and shape. Each of which had a personality and a signature stomp. Isn’t that something?

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans