Wednesday 12th September

| BY Dino Bonacic

Gypsy Sport: Ready-to-Wear SS19

“Slow fashion for the earth-conscious kids of today.” That’s what the show notes read at Gypsy Sport’s SS19 catwalk presentation at New York Fashion Week. Its creative director, Rio Uribe, gave himself a difficult task of pouring biblical symbolism of Mother Nature into a contemporary, sportswear-inspired sustainable collection. And oh, how triumphantly he succeeded. The carefree DIY vibe that’s become part of the brand identity was still there – perhaps looking more carefree than ever before.

The grass was greener on the Gypsy Sport side. From pressed flowers to digital prints of planet Earth, SS19 looked at a brighter side of the natural state we live in. Even though the purpose might have been to warn the world about global warming, it more seemed like the celebration of the natural beauty around us. The flora, the fauna, and also the people. For Rio, diversity is not a discussion point. His Gypsy Sport tribe feels confident in their body, walking the catwalk barely-covered in recycled denim and palm leaves. A few of the models walked in denim mini skirts and bras made out of shells and chains. Daring, right? Not so surprisingly, one of them was Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon. Just like with the whole collection, there was no second-guessing there. Sexy, powerful and unapologetic. That’s the world of Gypsy Sport.

Photographs by Jason-Lloyd Evans.