Wednesday 9th September

| BY Paul Toner

Take a Trip Back to the 1970s With J Brand X Halpern

You can always count on Michael Halpern to bring joy and endless shine with his fashions. Often carrying an air of the dancefloors of yesteryear, his clothes are fun, flirtatious and equally courageous. The American designer knows exactly what his customer wants. When the Halpern woman speaks, he listens.

Any big-name company would be stupid not to sweep the budding young designer under its wing. It makes sense, then, that denim experts J Brand have tapped the London-based talent for a new collaboration, which happens to be Halpern’s first foray into denim.

“Denim is always something I have wanted to work with, but I wanted to create it alongside a brand with real experience and knowledge in this field,” explains Halpern. “Something that was exciting to me was the idea that a material like denim and could be manipulated into more than just a pair of jeans. Draping it, pleating; and turning it on its head. Denim is quite a chameleon when manipulated, so seeing its varying properties when I was in Los Angeles at the J Brand design studio was a lot of fun.”

Debuted back in February within Halpern’s AW20 collection, held at the Old Bailey, the nine-piece collaboration aligns with the designer’s deep fascination with 1970s style. “Whether they are sweeping wide-leg silhouettes or little black cropped numbers, this was a really fun way to play with that era in a way that fits into the Halpern narrative.”

Standout pieces from the collaboration include nostalgic flare and shiny skinny jeans in dazzling multi-colours. Away from the denim-on-denim, there’s a selection of cracking leather pieces, too – including inky trench coats with ballooned sleeves and bell-bottoms imprinted in emerald green snakeskin print.

“As Halpern develops as a company, we are beginning to cater to other parts of our customers’ lives, dressing them not only for the night but on a hot summer day,” explains the designer. “This was a really great way to start expanding our offering and translating our worldview to grow our family.” Whilst it may be a short while till we can properly go out and dance again, our Zoom call attire is about to become a whole lot brighter.

The J Brand x Halpern collection is available online and in select stores now.