Friday 14th September

| BY Dino Bonacic

Halpern: Read-to-Wear SS19

The party train goes on and on at Halpern. But instead of going back to his known territory, the 1970s glam of Studio 54, Michael Halpern has gone a bit further back for SS19. It’s 1966, and the ideas of the sexual liberation movement are just swarming about. The female body is freed of constrictions and ready to do the shimmy. Inspired by these clothes and the women who wore them, Michael took us on a joyous ride called fabulous fashion. Colour! Print! Cut-out! Even though there was plenty of it, it became clear that it wasn’t all about the sequinned look anymore.

“I wanted to create that magpie effect beyond just the embroidery,” the designer said backstage after the show. This resulted in a collection that was both more ready-to-wear and haute couture than usual. These extremities were handled beautifully, with total looks reminiscent of those by Courrèges and Pierre Cardin. And they truly were total looks, designed from the tops of the bucket hats to the tips of the custom Christian Louboutin sky-high talons. A clear standout moment were the cropped hunchback boleros. In patent leather and printed denim, the jackets had a curved back that brought a completely new silhouette into this conversation. So, is she still going to the disco? “It may not be called that but she’s definitely going to a party.” And we’re going there with her.

Photographs by Jason-Lloyd Evans.