Tuesday 23rd February

| BY Claudia Croft

Halpern: Ready-to-wear AW21

Timing is everything in fashion. So the day after the government anointed June 21 as the date we can finally party again, it’s fitting that Michael Halpern should unveil an AW21 collection best described as ‘Fuck-it’ fashion for the pent-up, party-starved, post-covid generation.

Leopard catsuits, rainbow sequin mini dresses, monochrome paillette party suits: every look seemed to come with the expectant whoosh of a champagne cork popping. “Colour, leopard, sequins, silk intarsia, that’s my way of dealing with adversity,” said the designer, who stitched optimism into every seam.

Created in a time of restraint, for a time of unrestraint, Halpern recalls how his ideas were formulated by talking to friends over the phone about what they wanted to do once restrictions ended. “People are just going to want to have fun and hug each other. The city is going to be wild!” he says. He’s already planning a big Halpern Summer bash. “Balls out, tons of booze,” he promises. We’re already planning our outfit.

Photography by Haydon Perrior Thomas De Cruz Media.