Sunday 15th September

| BY Claudia Croft

Halpern: Ready-To-Wear SS20

Joy lies at the heart of Halpern. The designer believes in the power of positive thinking and creates clothes that make the wearer feel fantastic. His commitment to fashion hedonism is unwavering. Don’t come to him for daywear – unless daytime sequins are your thing.

The freedom of the night, the power to express yourself, the defiance of glamour and the ability to shine all feed into the Halpern world view. He’s zeroed in on glam rock, disco and 1980s excess in past collections but for SS20 the mood was more classic. Old school Hollywood glamour of the Rita Hayworth variety, came in the shape of fully sequin wrap gowns with Japanese wave patterns washing over the forties inflected silhouettes. They were polished and finessed and moved with consummate ease – a credit to Halpern’s cutting skills. He can drape too. Luscious lamé was ruched and gathered into voluminous capes and gowns. Glimmering togas and fishtail ‘Gilda’ gowns sparkled in the chandelier-lit space. There were sequins galore – this is Halpern after all – but also strong print and fierce tailoring. Every piece had a sense of occasion.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans