Wednesday 28th July

| BY 10 Magazine

Ten Loves: Hermès Della Cavalleria Mini

For most handbag fanatics, a Hermès Birkin is the cream of the crop when it comes to what designer bag one should aspire to own one day. Whilst no one is knocking the Birkin – did you see how many Cardi B has in her closet btw? – the Parisian house’s other leather goods deserve just as good a look in.

Amongst the fifty handbag models in Hermès permanent women’s collection, between four and six new models join the family each year. We’ve currently got our eye on the Della Cavalleria Mini. This sleek little number lends its look from Hermès equestrian roots. With soft, rounded curves, the bag comes in a range of hues – from crimson red to gentle mint – and is adorned with a bridle bit-shaped jewel clasp.

A bit of Hermès bag history for you to geek out on. Each bag from the house is completely handmade by a single artisan. Hermès operates with a “one person, one bag approach”, meaning your bag is made with total love from the first stitch to the last. Every new addition to the Hermès roster takes around two years to fully materialise, ensuring each bag has not only timeless appeal, but the capability to be with you for a lifetime.

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