Tuesday 8th March

| BY 10 Magazine

Hermès: Ready-to-wear AW16

Hermès is a simple but difficult proposition: layers of house history to evoke, millions of items to sell. Oh, and a bunch of press and buyers to get excited as the season pulls to its close. Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski is a master (or mistress?) of that delicate balance. Her Hermès winter show made an impact, with its swirling low hemlines and wide-cut leather culottes and splashes of prints (Hermès standard, expected) and studs (more unusual, but a high point). But it will also make total and utter sense on the shop floor. Especially the super melton tailoring, cut light and easy, lapels turned up, clutched about models as they hurried by. We all wanted to look like that.

Photograph by Jason Lloyd-Evans