Monday 6th March

| BY Jack Moss

Hermès: Ready-to-wear AW17

Was our handsome Executive Fashion Director Garth Spencer the unlikely inspiration for Hermès‘ AW17 offering today? Anybody who knows him will also know that he is a proponent of a knee-high lace-up boot, a fact that has, on occasion, terrified the members of his local gym when revealed from beneath a trouser in a dimly lit changing room. Nothing terrifying about the boots here – but, much like Garth’s, they were leather, lace-up, platformed and rose to just below the knee. A bit like a cross between a riding boot and a hiking shoe, which seemed fitting, because there was something of the great outdoors to this – rather, clothes you might wear on trips to your country abode (the Hermès lady has two, possibly three) – thick wooly tights, horse-blanket capes trimmed with leather, chunky roll-necks and matching wooly hats. It read: warm. And what better luxury is that? The whole thing was shot through with a touch of the decade-du-jour, that being the 1970s – coming through here in the palette of camel, amber and psychedelic paisley, as well as in the clothes themselves- the cut of the trouser, high on the waist, shearling jackets, dungaree-inspired shapes. And waistcoats. Waistcoats say Seventies, non?

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans