Monday 11th July

| BY Jack Moss

Hermès: Resort 2017

Just last week, I was treated to what I am going to call an “exclusive” viewing of Hermes’ Resort 2017 collection in their Parisian headquarters. Which is not strictly true, as exclusive suggests I was the only person to see it, but there were in fact other people there too, who also, like me, enjoyed a copious selection of breakfast treats. Anyway, let’s call it a select viewing. The collection, well, this is what we would like to call a mature wardrobe. By which we do not mean is reserved for those over 70 years old who are, due to societal pressures, banned from showing any skin bar perhaps a sliver of hand or neck, no, this is mature in the sense that it is for women who no longer wish to purchase hundreds of cheapo bits that end up in nearest charity bin six months later. I believe one may call these investment pieces – the perfect leather jacket, in vivid shades of red and blue, shirts that, or so I was told, are made from a single Hermes scarf and a new, relaxed (and welcomingly voluminous) take on tailoring. My memory of conversation with PR girl went something like this INCREDIBLE, COLOUR, SCARF! Which, by all accounts, means it was very good.