Thursday 1st October

| BY Dominic Cadogan

Hermès: SS16 Shoe Presentation

The Hermès SS16 presentation had me singing “shoes, glorious shoes” at the top of my lungs, rather than food, glorious food because the shoes were rather, well, glorious. The shoes were so glorious because they came in a variety of shapes and styles in classic colours for the more reserved amongst us and bright colours for the more exotic creatures. There were shoes for every occasion. There were flip-flops and mules, stilettos and espadrilles to name but a few. The brighter coloured shoes really complimented the decor which looked almost as if a jungle had taken over the showroom. Which got me thinking about who would be daring enough to wear such shoes in the jungle. Which had me thinking about Tarzan and Jane – more specifically Jane. If Jane were to go exploring now to find her Tarzan she would need lots of different shoes for the difficult jungle terrain. Shoes that scream “I’m the fucking queen of the jungle”. She would need Hermès shoes.