Thursday 8th September

| BY 10 Magazine

Hood By Air: Ready-to-wear SS17

Hood by Air was a veritable assault of ideas. So excuse us for the stream of consciousness. First thoughts? There is some sort of substance on the model’s heads. A bit like they’d just been birthed. Similar looks can be achieved at home by placing one’s head in a vat of wet look gel. Then, there was something we can only describe as a packaging theme. Yes. Was this a comment on the see now buy now situation? Shirts on the front of shirts, still in their packaging. Pre-packaged, if you will. Then some kind of garment-bag-cum-hoodies. Other highlights included the liberal usage of the PornHub logo, particularly fitting on a pair of knickers. Saucy. And then the shoes. Let’s call them a double-shoe. Shoe on the front, shoe on the back. Perfect for sashaying oneself across the dance floor. This was an assault of fashion – Hood by Air’s very own brand of fashion madness. Oh, and don’t forget – never trust a church girl.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans