Saturday 27th February

| BY 10 Magazine

Iceberg: Ready-to-wear AW16

Arthur Arbesser’s hitting his stride at Iceberg. After an assured debut that underlined the themes of the label, Arbesser decided to stretch his wings, focussing on the knits that formed the basis of the label’s success in the seventies, but offering something new for today. Experimentation was the theme – geometric experiments by Superstudio, the radical Italian architects and designers of about the same period as Iceberg’s natty knits, forming the inspo. So Arbesser toyed with squares, mostly, across a ribbed dress and pleated skirts and griddy, giddy checkered trousers and coats in poppy shades of pink. It’s hip to be square, sang Huey Lewis and the News in 1986, and they were obvi somehow looking into the future to right now and figuring out that was exactly what Iceberg would be showing thirty years later. At least, we think so.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans