Friday 31st March

| BY Dominic Cadogan

Introducing Céline’s Clasp Bag For SS17

Celine Paris  Spring Summer 2017 October 2016

At a glance, this could just be a regular handbag. To be exact, it is an oversized Céline Cabas Clasp handbag. It is of course special, in that it is Céline, which connotes a visually pleasing, high-quality handbag, made for a woman with class and elegance. However, you may miss the subtleties of what makes it extra-special. We know who Phoebe Philo had in mind when she crafted it: Evelyn Salt. Of the 2010 movie Salt. And although the film ended on a cliffhanger, we have the exclusive on what happens next. We start the story where the film ends. Jolie, as Salt, has just jumped out of a helicopter to escape incarceration after being framed for attempting to launch nuclear missiles to destroy Mecca. We flash forward to 2018. The Russian sleeper agent turned double-crossing CIA spy is in deep cover back in Russia. She faces a dilemma: where can she store all of the tools necessary to dismantle an organisation capable of planting sleeper agents in the US? Enter Philo stage left. If Salt is equivalent to Bond, Philo is her Q. She presents Salt with a Cabas in black high-shine calfskin. Large enough to carry her wigs, spider venom, weapons and explosive devices. The clasp has been repurposed to open only at her touch. She accepts the bag with a nod and disappears into the night to complete her mission.

Taken from “Ten Commandments” Issue 58 of 10 Women, ANGELS PLEASURE FLUID, on newsstands now… 

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