Tuesday 5th July

| BY Jack Moss

Iris Van Herpen: Haute Couture AW16

At Iris Van Herpen there were bowls. Lots of nice bowls. Little brass ones. Was this a lesson in chic interior deco chez Iris? No. These bowls were an instrument. Played by Kazuya Nagaya, zen bowl musician. Who is very talented, obviously, because he makes music from bowls. So what did this have to do with the collection, I hear you ask. Well, it was all about Cymatics. Yer, us neither. Something to do with sound waves, which became the basis of the collection – waves that fluttered across the clothing. Flaps, for want of a better word. Like a fashionable set of gills. The centrepiece, though? Well the dress made entirely from bubbles – bubbles of hand blown glass, that is, dripping with thousands of Swarovski crystal water drops. This was couture, but not as we know it. Welcome to the future.