Wednesday 21st September

| BY 10 Magazine

Isa Arfen: Ready-to-wear SS17

There was something rather whimsical about the Isa Arfen presentation. Set against a backdrop of a dilapidated attic models acted out little scenes while dressed in the SS17 collection. Think of it almost like a a play, with the girls at home in repose. Doing a variety of home type activities, repetitively, as though trapped in some strange Groundhog Day treadmill. Arranging flowers, reclining on loungers, stringing beans, shelling peanuts, mass hair braiding, sticking post it notes to a wall. There was even one hanging panty hose on a washing line. But what of the clothes? Think loose cotton layers. Soft dusted coats and wide, cuffed trousers. Crumpled dresses that half fell off the body. It was soft, and feminine. A gaggle of beautiful insane patients if you will in a long ago forgotten asylum form some bygone era.