Friday 2nd March

| BY Roxy Lola

Issey Miyake: Ready-to-Wear AW18

Silent Energy, was the title of Issey Miyake’s Autumn/ Winter ’18 collection. Our kind of energy. It buzzed through this collection, seeping into each piece, Yoshiyuki Miyamae’s winter wonderland. “From where does life come and to where does it go?” Everyone really wants us to get deep today. Good question, though. All we know is that there was definitely life to this Issey Miyake collection. Nature was on Miyamae’s mind, its strength and willpower in the colder months. We can relate.

And so this “quiet strength and gentleness” was infused into pale grey and white layers, feathers lightly floating on cuffs, round necks and out of hair. Creatures of the winter, but beautiful ones at that. Midnight navy blue knitted jumpers were tied into burnt orange fluidity in loose fitting, thin pleated pants and springy sleeves on long jackets. It was all moving as one calm wave of free winding lined patterns that undulated on jumpers and were printed onto dresses. Mega knits were draped securely and softly up and around, edgings piped with sprinkles of hot red and sweet oranges. It was all going with its own flow, a light space-like bounce to all the clothes that in all their excess seemed to lightly levitate.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd Evans