Friday 18th December

| BY Jack Moss

J.W. Anderson: Pre-Fall 2016

Right, what have we here then? Cloud dressing. As in, dressing in the shape of a cloud. Or clothes with clouds upon them, in coloured prints or curvy little zip pockets. Or – alternatively – dressing for when you are flying amongst the clouds – considering the strap on pillow across the chest of Look 9. Fashion and airline comfort? Who said J Dubz wasn’t practical? But clouds are also the place you go in euphoric moments (you know, cloud nine and all of that) – and where does J.W’s Pre-Fall collection but to a place of higher level, transcendent fashion euphoria? I mean, who else can propose a zip-covered bell bottom trouser as something we might actually consider wearing? Those little granny bows. Feather-covered shoes. A sheer organza cuff on the bottom of a trouser. Look 1 reminds Natalie of a Care Bear. And who wouldn’t want to look like a colourful, caring cartoon bear? No one. And where did the Care Bears come from? Clouds. Case closed.