Sunday 19th February

| BY Jack Moss

J.W.Anderson: Ready-to-wear AW17

Would we be wrong in saying that this, J.W.Anderson’s AW17 collection, was a bit disco warrior? Not, we should say, warrior of the Xena kind, but she was tough. Almost utilitarian. A lady well prepared. Take, for example, the opening look, a dress which had criss-crossing straps that hung across the chest with a pocket on each side, filling out into a parachute-style skirt that flared towards the hem. Or those detached stretchy sleeves that looked a bit like those things when you have a sports injury. Adjustable utility straps and super cropped leather biker jackets. Shirt dresses cinched with thick leather belts. So where, I hear you ask, did the disco come in? Well, do you remember those chainmail earrings circa 1997? Well, imagine them not in earring form, but as an upper-thigh skimming dress (razors out ladies), or in panels that sat around the waist. Handkerchief-cut dresses in shimmering gold jacquard. A stretchy brassiere situation. Plenty of fur. There was even a marabou moment. And, of course, we have to mention that showstopping gown in stretchy lurex, with a pocket on each chest. So let’s see it as lady who comes to the disco with an exit plan. And how better to make a swift exit than in an pair of trainers? High-top ones, to be specific, which were enough to (almost) make us hang up the 6-inchers. We’ll get back to you on that one. All that’s left to say is well done Mr Anderson on another brill show. Not that we ever expect anything less. We’re obsessed.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans