Sunday 18th September

| BY 10 Magazine

J.W.Anderson: Ready-to-wear SS17

Disney Princess. This season J.W.Anderson¬†gave us Disney princess. Cinderella before her fairy godmother appeared in a blaze of light and with a flick of her wand turned her into a princess. To call it a hessian sack would in a sense be kind of accurate, because it was, but then, what with this being JW it wasn’t. Obviously. More a hotchpot of influences seamlessly combined. Think handkerchief hems in linen, edged in that delicate needle work you’d find on napkins, 70’s sofs cover knits, with futuristic 60’s hula hems in beige and white, gathered at the neck pastel dip dye with loosely ruched sleeves and Robin Hood lacing on tops. Volume was restrained, maintaining a sense of shape and control. Would it be wrong to call this a modern day Maid Marian? Yes, I know there was talk of Cinderella earlier but would you really be caught dead scrubbing a floor in JW?

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans