Sunday 17th September

| BY Richard Gray

J.W.Anderson: Ready-to-wear SS18

The problem, the really big problem and worry and the thing that keeps a designer up at night is what’s next? And the pressure is certainly on for somebody like J.W.Anderson. He is expected – every season – to rethink and reissue; to surprise us and keep us shopping. Ideally, a fashion editor should walk out of a show and say “I want”. Better still “I need”. And we did.

This in the car straight after the show:

Phoebe (straight to the point, divine): “Dead easy, so much to wear; I like stripes again. I think I’ve found my new wardrobe.”

Jack (always clocks the details, super gorge): “I like it when J-dubs plays with states of undress: covered up – full sleeves, long skirts. And half dressed – apertures in skirts at the side; you see a bit but not everything. Then all that attention around the neck: scoped neck to a slashed neck, to a v deep v to some serious off-the-shoulder.”

Richard (overweight, very funny, bright): “Car crash! In an amazing way: a vital, smashing together of every day clothes to make them special: a knitted polo became a dress! Tea-towelling – or some fabric meant to look like a tea towel – reissued as a frock! He’s kind of asking ‘what’s luxury anyway? It’s everywhere!’ Oh, and I really like those soft flow-y dresses that you could treat like a playsuit…. shall we go to the pub?”

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans