Thursday 8th December

| BY Dominic Cadogan

J.W.Anderson: Resort 2017

Who is she? She is the J.W.Anderson 2017 Resort girl. And like all J.W.Anderson girls (regardless of the season). She is fabulous. Absolutely fabulous. And this season she is moving house. Or it looks like it. Think Natalie Imbruglia in the Torn video. Look at her surroundings. A blank house. A clean slate. Ready to be filled with all the fabulous fashion things a J.W.Anderson wearing woman would have in her abode. But those aren’t the important details. It is all about the clothes. Light, graphic, comfy. Clothes you’d want to wear after all the stress of moving house. And if you look close enough it looks like our lady even used some of the old furnishings to pull together her lewks. Some old patterned carpet for a puzzle print jacket. An old tablecloth turned into a chic day dress. And her man’s painting overalls turned into a two piece. All accessorised with opulent drop earrings, and not to forget to the signature J Dubz Pierce bag. I have a feeling that ‘All I Want For Christmas’ was based around this collection, because it is all I want. Now.