Wednesday 1st March

| BY Dominic Cadogan

Jacquemus: Ready-to-wear AW17

Opulence. That was what the set at Jacquemus was giving us – red velvet-cushioned ornate gold chairs lined a simple thin (but long) black runway. “A woman in love with a gypsy,” said the notes for AW17. A Parisian woman. Out of Provence and off to the big city, into the arms of her gypsy lover, clutching her tiny bag, with its tiny chain, in her hand, big buckled Christian Lacroix-ish shoes on her feet. Perhaps she was a widow? The amount of black certainly could suggest so. Was she finding solace in a young lover? Long black coats with big 80s shoulders – perfect for throwing on late in the night (nothing underneath) to meet your lover by the Eiffel Tower for a steamy embrace. He’s turned her world upside down – literally – her velvet handbag flipped over hanging from its chains. What could possibly spill out? A single rose? Something more racy? Anything goes with a gypsy man – romance, passion, it’s a whirlwind. It has to come to an end though, the man disappearing into the night, never to return – which perhaps explains the slow march that finished the show (slowest finale ever?) probably in the direction of the nearest bridge to hurl herself off of. I joke, she’s far too classy for that. She’s opulent, remember?

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans