Monday 24th September

| BY Dino Bonacic

Jacquemus: Ready-to-Wear SS19

There was a moment in time, perhaps a few years ago, when “Parisian chic” was the most valuable currency in fashion. Every other street style pic was a denim + white shirt + navy blazer look. A shaggy, brunette ‘do was the rage at most fashion shows. There were even books written about looking Parisian. The laissez-faire attitude and a cigarette hanging out the girl’s make-up-less lips was what established a cool French girl then. But what does a cool French girl look like today? Just go and ask Jacquemus. The Instagram celebrity himself, Simon Porte knows exactly what women want to wear right now. You need proof? Try refreshing your Explore page and not seeing an oversized woven straw bag or a tiny, sassy bag. C’est impossible.

The Jacquemus world is a world of extremes. And those extremes keep going further and further, season after season. For SS19, the girls (previously known as La Bombas) are walking down La Riviera, either with bags that could fit a couple of coins and a headache pill for that heavy hangover she’ll be having after a wild night on the beach, or a straw tote bag big enough to fit her whole existence AND her personality. The Jacquemus girls are unafraid of making a point with their clothes, whether it’s wearing see-through tops without bras or just walking out in a pair of swimming pants and a tee. And you know what? Those girls are all around us. Savvy, creative, and designing with an elated sense of joy reminiscent of fashion shows dating back to 1987 – Jacquemus is our man. Or so we wish.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans.