Thursday 6th July

| BY Jack Moss

Jean Paul Gaultier: Couture AW17

The scene at Jean Paul Gaultier: Garth’s fanning away at his sweaty little cheeks. I’m using a glass of champagne to cool my brow. Sounds chic, it’s not. And let’s not go into my sweat situation. Can you get a sweat patch in your… umm anyway. And then – que? Snow? Very much not real snow, unfortunately, but the backdrop for a show that begins as pretty much your traditional winter wonderland, albeit channelled through the Gaultier vision which generally involves some sort of lame and a large shoulder, both of which were in evidence here, alongside a couture gilet (I mean) and these sort of sporty ski suits refigured into clingy little gowns.

Woolly hats, that kind of thing. But then it all got a bit mashed-up into what I’m going to, in a completely unqualified way, say was a bit Russia meets India. Turn of the century Tsarina meets the rich drapes of a sari meets Alpine ski resort (the names of which marked the seating zones). Which all sounds a bit much, and really it was, but JPG does a bit much better than just about anyone. Case in point: Coco Rocha cycling a sleigh-themed tuk-tuk down the runway to the sounds of Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You. And there’s really not much more to say than that.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans