Thursday 28th January

| BY 10 Magazine

Jean Paul Gaultier: SS16 Haute Couture

Jean Paul Gaultier take the hauteur out of haute couture. He always has. He devoted his spring/summer 2017 show to Le Palace and its legendary demoiselles – Edwidge, Paloma, Pat Cleveland, whose daughter Anna strutted the catwalk. The doors stood at the top of the catwalk, the scene inside getting increasingly rowdy until the curtain dropped at the end and Gaultier came out dancing in velvet Converse. What happened before, and behind those doors? A show of super souped-up party wear, glittering crystal chain-mail, cleverly chopped us suits, louche pyjama dressing. Chic stuff, but with Gaultier’s trademark anarchic chic, so evening dresses came bleached out like denim, mink was cut into casual bombers, and evening dresses were spotted by models in Bowie drag. Edwidge Belamore died back in September. A shame. She would have loved this.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans