Thursday 26th January

| BY 10 Magazine

Jean Paul Gaultier: Couture SS17

This afternoon, Monsieur Gaultier proposed a novel new mode of transport. That being carted (quite literally) in a wheelbarrow by a hunky dungaree-clad hick, whilst dressed in top-to-couture. As Coco Rocha ably demonstrated on the runway of Jean Paul Gaultier’s SS17 couture show today. Obviously, from now on, it’s the only way we’ll travel. Talking of tools one might use in the garden, would it be a stretch to say there’s a touch of the Bill and Bens to this? The flowerpot men, that is. It was those straw hats. Country girls, if you will – clothing scattered with flowers and fringing, bits of denim, headscarfs, off-the-shoulder peasant tops. But all through the filter of Gaultier’s knack for high-glam disco dressing. Bill and Ben’s sexy girlfriends? Haute harvest maiden. Into it.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans