Tuesday 16th February

| BY 10 Magazine

Jeremy Scott: Ready-to-wear AW16

The acrid smell of hairspray stung your nostrils at Jeremy Scott – how else could you get those B-52 beehives to defy gravity so consistently than with an entire can of Elnett on each and every bounce? Jeremy Scott was embracing Americana – from rockabilly to Ren and Stimpy, which were basically the twin components fused in this collection, another crowd-pleasing, colour-pumped cartoonish display of Scott’s trademark wit and effervescence. Want Barbie cowboy boots? How about a slick satin shirt-waist dress, or neon animal prints, or a skirt patterned to look like a guitar – that’s, oddly, some of a house classic chez Scott. If you’re a club kid whose happy to wear an entire crayola-box when you step out of a morning, he’s your go-to man. And you’ve found your next season wardrobe.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans