Saturday 11th February

| BY Jack Moss

Jeremy Scott: Ready-to-wear AW17

What better way to make an entrance, a la Gigi Hadid, than upon a runway made entirely of fur? We’ve always loved a good pile. That was the scene at Jeremy Scott this evening, his AW17 show watched on by the legendary Debbie Harry and… Kylie Jenner. A lady who shimmied past us in a mass of large male bodies and golden sparkle. We mention this because Mr Scott has always been a bit obsessed with celebrities, and this time his collection was about about two of the most legendary of that breed – Elvis and Marilyn. As he told us backstage, the collection formed from the idea of modern worship – how we’ve come to bow down to pop culture icons as much as Jesus himself. And the son of God made an appearance this evening (not, if you’re wondering as some sort of spiritual apparition – we’re presuming a Jeremy Scott show wouldn’t be his first port of call) but in the form of the religious iconography daubed across the collection. That said, Jeremy’s never been one for using a single reference when you can instead use twenty (more is always more we say) so this also conjured up that warped LA girl Mr Scott is so good at evoking – a bit boudoir in parts, country and western in others and a touch of the Seventies patchwork hippie – well, just because – and then siphoned through the filter of the 1990s. Think: one part Valley of the Dolls, another part rummage through a thrift store, wrapped up in velour, feathers, fur and a smattering of Scott’s signature cartoon prints. A pick’n’mix of kitsch. All ably demonstrated on the bodies of a bevy of baby supers – Gigi, Jasmine, Dilone, Stella et al. Obsessed. To put it mildly.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans