Friday 9th February

| BY Roxy Lola

Jeremy Scott: Ready-to-Wear AW18

Sugar, spice and everything nice. These are the ingredients chosen for the world of Jeremy Scott. But this season Jeremy Scott added an extra ingredient: La Cicciolina, Italian-Hungarian porn star, ex-politician, well briefly, and singer. A pornitician, we’re calling her. Well she did famously say in 1990, “I am available to make love with Saddam Hussein to achieve peace in the Middle East.” Radical party talk from a woman who’s porn star name means ‘Cuddles.’ Aww. Anyway, back to Jeremy. He just never runs out of steam. The fashion world may turn but Jeremy is turning in his own world, a pastel fantasy, the thrill of art pop.

We got the clue on his Insta story prior to the show, “Cicciolina 4ever!” he wrote on an image of Taschen’s Cicciolina book where she holds a bear. An ‘80s ‘Popple’ toy which made it’s way onto the collection’s hoodies, softening our cold, cruel hearts and looking so innocent, grounded by functional fastenings. Fashion escape. We like to think there are also Powerpuff girl vibes here too. Off to save the world the way Cicciolina would. It was a potent, toxic world of sweet pinks and pulsating vivid oranges. Inhale too much and you’re off with the Popples. Velour tracksuits were cropped, thigh high moon boots were furry, and it was a whole load of matte silver, contouring and overstitching. And, of course, Jeremy’s jumper was emblazoned with a mountain of Popples. Cuddles!

Photographs Jason Lloyd Evans