Monday 11th February

| BY Dora Fung

Jeremy Scott: Ready-To-Wear AW19

EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! Let me give you an insight into going to the Jeremy Scott show – it is not for the faint-hearted, you need your stamina and you need to find your will to really want to go! This is because Jeremy Scott has a hardcore fanbase, from club kids, drag queens to Hollywood stars to musicians, so getting to your seat at his show takes a lot! But once inside and when the show starts, you understand why he has such a cult following. For AW19, Scott collaborated with the artist Alexandra Mir to created hand-drawn renderings of tabloid covers straight from the New York Post and New York Daily News. He is a designer that always challenges his audience and his fanbase with what is going on around us and the world. All these images are supposed to make us realise we are the victims of the never-ending news cycles, salacious headlines, false scenarios and click bait dramas.

The whole collection was in black and white, with headlines worked into trenches, full-skirted dresses, distressed denim and leather, fitted bustiers and multi-layered featherweight tulle skirts. And the whole spectacle was accompanied by a great Prince soundtrack. The collection was a mix of hard and soft. It had a lot of aggression but that is exactly what Jeremy Scott wants us to feel – we are living in a crazy world and it is horrific at times. Bravo to Jeremy Scott to use his platform to always make us think outside of just shoes, bags, dresses and jackets, even though he always delivers a fun collection!

Photos by Jason Lloyd Evans.