Thursday 8th September

| BY Roxy Lola

Jeremy Scott: Ready-to-wear SS17

Jeremy Scott’s shows are bit like going to some sort of fabulous candy bar when you just don’t know what to pick. You want (quite literally) everything. For SS17, Scott took us in a time machine back to the ’80s. Now, there’s always a touch of 80s with Jeremy Scott. But this was Slime City. Hot hot hot. As in, hot pink Lycra mini skirts, electric blue sequins and fiery red vinyl coats. Molly Bair opened the show, repping New York. Out Come The Freaks by WAS (Not Was) was the soundtrack, which told us exactly where we were going. Girls in pumps and boys in leather pants strutted, like, really strutted. A bit like stepping into a retro time bomb. Prints of women’s legs in fishnet stockings covered matching midriffs and skirts. Plastic oversized earrings and bangles amplified the look. And would it have been a Jeremy Scott extravaganza without something like a toothpaste tube bag? Total pop fashion. Yep, the woman or man who wears Jeremy Scott knows who they are. We are no exhibiting a strong bodily desire to wear a mini lycra skirt and nylon bustier for the rest of the day. Too much?

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans