Monday 29th February

| BY 10 Magazine

Jimmy Choo: AW16 Presentation

The word shoe rhymes quite well with the word “faboo,” an abbreviation of “fabulous” to be uttered when something is quite so fabulous the breath is literally extracted from your body like a dehumidifier sucking moisture out of the damp patch in the corner of your bedroom. That isn’t very faboo, but the footwear of Jimmy Choo is. Hence the shoe opening line, because we saw a Choo shoe – in fact, we saw a few – at the label’s Milanese launch. Carrie Bradshaw famously bemoaned that she lost her Choo legging it for the last the Staten Island Ferry. And in tradition shoe presentation way, the faboo Choos were shown singularly. Carrie would be hacked off if she lost any of them, fusions of Belle Epoque and military, lavishly decked out in jewel-coloured velvet, trimmed with mink and raw silk. Gorge.