Sunday 6th March

| BY 10 Magazine

Junya Watanabe: Ready-to-wear AW16

“Hyper Construction Dress” was the theme of the Junya Watanabe show, with models dressed in kooky cloth constructions and an origami how-to pamphlet the invite. Folding, pleating, wrapping and constructing dresses was all par for the course: Watanabe is a dab hand at making clothes defy gravity and jut proudly in three dimensions, and this collection gave ample scope to his considerable talents with a tuck, twist and tweak of fabric. Almost entirely created in a foamy bonded neoprene-y type stuff – kind of like crazy wetsuits, except they’re dry-clean only – this was an exploration of fashion at its most structural and extreme. Awe-inspiring, and just plain inspiring. We wouldn’t mind one of the folder-shoulder biker jackets. Bet it’ll pack down nice and neat in your luggage.