Saturday 1st October

| BY 10 Magazine

Junya Watanabe: Ready-to-wear SS17

Does anyone else remember Electric Ballroom in Camden? The goth night in the mid nineties, where all the goths gathered for a night of loosing themselves to the sound of something industrial and heavy metal sounding? Or to bastardise the Sisters of Mercy, did Junya Watanabe hear the roar of the big machine? Hot metal and methedrine? Possibly, but being Junya, he’ll never say. So, back to the Electric Ballroom, or should we call this a cyber goth rave. Punk hair, Hellraiser eyes and black organza, origami volume. You know that pyramid foam, used for soundproofing, well this was that. Stiff, opaque organza cut into thousands of mini pyramids and fashion into capes that belted across the chest, apron dresses layered over vibrant in colour t-shirts or floor length, fishtailed patchwork skirts. In some case elongated spike like structures even imitated some of the models hair. Jeans were studded, or shredded to within an inch of their life, more threads, hanging on by a thread than trouser, and tights were layered, laddered, ripped and fishnet, creating a sort of cobweb effect on the legs. Throw in a grungy floral, or a deconstructed, or should that be reconstructed mac, who knows, and you have a classic Junya collection. Remember Bride of Frankenstein? Think of this as Bride of Hellraiser. She’s definitely raising hell.