Wednesday 10th July

| BY Dino Bonacic

Ten Loves: JW Anderson Cap Bag

In the world of Jonathan Anderson, nothing is what it seems. And that’s why we love the man, as his mind constantly pushing the boundaries of commercial creativity. While most designers bravely show outrageous pieces on the catwalk (and nowhere else), Mister J-Dubz takes his wild ideas and actually produces them into accessories and clothes worth saving up for. Prime example: the JW Anderson cap bag. When it first sashayed down the catwalk of his AW19 show – both levitating atop models’ heads in the form of a hat and dangling off their shoulders – we drooled with a perplexed expression on our faces. “But he couldn’t possibly sell those?” we quietly asked our seat buddies. Well, it turns out he can. Currently available for purchase via the brand’s e-tail platform and in Anderson’s boutiques (a new one is opening in Soho soon!), the cap bag is a surrealist piece of fashion merch. Infused with a DIY, childlike mentality of “take it and turn it into something else,” it’s bound to put a smile on anyone’s face. It surely puts one on ours, as we imagine heading to our next rave carrying one of these and confusing the fellow intoxicated partygoers by whipping a can of Red Stripe out of a cap. The butter-soft calf leather comes in black, navy and cognac. It’s good to know even Jonathan Anderson is making sure mums all over the world dreading of mixing these colours never have to suffer again. Hats off to him!

The JW Anderson Cap Bag is available shop online and in selected stores.