Thursday 7th December

| BY Jack Moss

Karl Lagerfeld Takes Us To Hamburg For His Chanel Métiers d’Art Show

Last trip of la saison, and how better to end it than with a Chanel-aganza? We can’t think of one. So off the lucky fashion few headed to Hamburg, Germany today for Chanel’s Métiers d’Art show, their annual offering of spectacular clothes that we’d happily give up food to be able to afford (PSA: don’t give up food, steal) and a celebration of the tremendously talented artisans and craftspeople who bring these jaw-dropping creations to life.

Hamburg is the birthplace of the incroyable Monsieur Lagerfeld who, though he does French very very well, is as much of a German treasure as a frankfurter. Or, perhaps more fitting, a Hamburger. Anyway, he chose the city’s impressive Elbphilharmonie for the occasion, a giant wave-like building which houses one of the largest concert halls in the world, sat on the city’s riverside port. Karl loves music you see (word had it he owns over 100 iPods and an iPod Nanny to look after them), and tonight’s show, as befitting the space, was accompanied by the sounds of a live orchestra, playing as the models descended the many floors to the stage.

In all that atmosphere, and vast space, lesser designer’s work could get lost in all the drama and atmosphere, but in the spotlight Mr Lagerfeld’s designs shine only brighter. Tonight, we were treated to a feast of beauty. The dock setting seemed to be where this started – tweed suits became sailor-girl uniforms with tie-neck blouses beneath, the hats had a military touch, secured with black veils (sort of baker boy-cum-ushanka-cum-lady mourner?) and the handbags were shrunken down shipping containers. All dripping in sequins, beads, and all the incredible embellishment that makes Chanel the house and this show, in particular, so special. We are very lucky people. If only life looked as good as Chanel makes it.