Friday 17th November

| BY Joel Traptow

Kate Moss Rides A Chopper For Saint Laurent’s Latest Film

Kate Moss in Saint Laurent. Honestly, need I say more? Because, let’s be honest, regardless of what I write here, you’ve probably ignored it completely and started watching the film, and we don’t blame you. Here, for Anthony Vaccarello’s latest Saint Laurent short we have Ms Moss, a fur coat and a helicopter. What more could you possibly want? So what does it mean? Where is she going? Who the fuck cares – dangling out of a chopper with your breasts out is only something Kate Moss could make look chic, we’re quite jealous because, were we to try this, we’d likely be arrested, or told to go home because we’re drunk. Part thirteen to the ongoing video series for Saint Laurent – roll on number 14.  We’re greedy – we can’t help it.

Art Direction Anthony Vaccarello
Director Nathalie Canguilhem
Music SebastiAn
Models Kate Moss