Thursday 1st March

| BY Roxy Lola

Kenzo La Collection Memento No3 Show Their Co-Ed Show In Paris

Kenzo took us into Henri Rousseau’s ‘The Dream’ last night. Jungle themed. Before the show, the chosen ones wined and dined, Roussaeu’s Le Banquet brought to life. Humberto Leon and Carol Lim know the way to our hearts. For their third Memento collection, elements of The Dream were printed onto knitted jumpers, cardigans and that first look, a shaggy trimmed coat with the portrait of Yadwigha, Rousseau’s Polish mistress laying naked amongst the depths of the jungle. Naughty. Leaf green and sky blues made up cable knit sweaters and skirts and floral dresses fluttered in their dark wilderness.

Classic Kenzo stripes felt modern and framed the art with multicoloured blocks on jackets and scarves. The coziest of Memento’s emblazoned with Rousseau’s tropical forest making winter seem all the more bearable. Thanks. Dream-like, taken into his world. And so we are compelled to share Rousseau’s poem, Inscription pour La Rêve,that accompanied the painting,  “Yadwigha in a beautiful dream, Having fallen gently to sleep, Heard the sounds of a reed instrument, Played by a well-intentioned [snake] charmer. As the moon reflected, On the rivers [or flowers], the verdant trees, The wild snakes lend an ear, To the joyous tunes of the instrument.” Ooh yes we’re feeling hypnotised.