Monday 24th September

| BY Connie Lombaya

Koché: Ready-to-Wear SS19

It was a festival of culture at the Koché SS19 show as the Parisian brand transported us all around the globe, giving us the experience of the countries that she had visited on the lead up to the collection.

From decorative hijabs to graffiti-printed bodysuits reminiscent of the Morroccan Berber Hill tribe. There were also some West African Dashikis emblazoned in shades of blue, with graphic cubist prints and intricate face jewels dazzling in the symbolic halls of the Communist Party Headquarters.

Going against the grains of danger of cultural appropriation, the collection was a great example of fashion bringing the world together in harmony. Christelle Koché’s collection was all-shades of cool, with off-the-shoulder bomber jackets and Matrix-esque sunnies, and even some tatted men in oversized denim circa 1999 walked the catwalk. The global idea went so far that even one of the models sported a brilliant coat, with flags of the world standing in place of embroidery. As soon as it came out, we started humming We Are The World. And we’re pretty sure we weren’t the only ones.


Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans.