Tuesday 9th June

| BY 10Magazine

Lanvin: Cruise 2016

There’s something rather eighties about the Lanvin cruise collection. Something rather Desperately Seeking Susan. Not that this is in anyway desperate, nor Madonna inspired, more it’s the clashing, the throw everything in one pot and see what comes out approach. And so you have frayed tweeds, lizard, graphic prints and florals, jewel toned colours, bleach and roots, gold statement jewellery that literally spells out statements and a style of dress that has the slightest hint of a Frida Kahlo type lady artist cross pollinated with some fading Studio 54 queen of the dance floor about it. Studio 54′s shut down but she’s still living the dream. Which really, though that probably reads terribly, when you look at the clothes, it doesn’t look half badf. Looks rather fun actually.


By Natalie Dembinska