Saturday 30th September

| BY Richard Gray

Loewe: Ready-to-Wear SS18

The fashion designer who can marry elevated and thoughtful clothes with something that just “pulls on”, which “works,” which answers that age old question: “what exactly am I going to wear?” is the designer who chimes with modern life. Who “gets it.” For god’s sake, women have enough to worry about.

Jonathan Anderson did this in his collection for Loewe just.

From the first dress out – a long white tee-dress with a superimposed crinkly and pastel patchwork pattern from a seemingly different dress – things got better and better. Intermixed were masculine and wider trouser looks, worn with roomy and or nipped jackets. One pair of trousers was patchwork quilt and a new take on Loewe’s commercially successful ‘Fisherman’ jeans.

Anderson continued with the idea of fabric scraps coming together to create better and more interesting things with one beautiful white and cream dress made from other garments and what looked like a t-shirt stitched on the left hand side – the neckline clearly visible. And then the skirt seemed to be other skirts sewn together too. It was as sculptural as it was beautiful.

There’s so much wit and flavour in a Loewe show. Who else makes a blue and white gingham bag shaped like an elephant, and a future “bag of the season” as newspaper supplements will christen it. And the shoes and sneakers with pointy and curled up “noses” on the front were clever and cool and were like a next step on for the Westwood Witches. It was a really really *really* good collection.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd Evans