Saturday 19th March

| BY Jack Moss

Loewe: The Bag

Loewe Puzzle

People are always telling us that it’s good to be more transparent. You know, to be open about money and feelings and all that stuff. Granted, it’s usually a concept taught to you at a team-building conference or by the type of person who does adult colouring and attends weekend courses about being more mindful, but finally, we, too, can extol the appeal of transparency. All thanks to the Puzzle, this rather nice bag by Jonathan Anderson at Loewe. I mean, just look at it: a now-classic shape-shifter of a bag, rendered here entirely in see-through plastic. No longer do we need to pore over the wikiHOW article entitled How to be More Transparent: 12 Steps (with Pictures), because what is going to press us more urgently to share more of our lives than a bag that reveals its entire contents to the world? No place for secrets here. A reason to get rid of that old piece of orange peel, those year-old receipts, that chewed-up pen. As Dominic, our fashion assistant, admits: “Usually I have lots of bits of food at the bottom of mine. In my last one I found a dusty old Milkybar.” See it as a life laundry disguised as a bag. A self-help device. And really, plastic is a good thing, isn’t it? Plastic surgery. The Plastics. “Put it on the plastic!” See, transparency. We’re all over it.

Taken from Issue 43 of 10 Magazine, STRENGTH WOMAN SUPREME, on newsstands now…