Saturday 17th October

| BY Jack Moss

Loewe: The Silver Puzzle Bag

All that glitters in not gold. Because, well, sometimes it’s silver. Like this wonderful bag from Loewe, rendered in shiny silver calfskin and engraved with the Spanish house’s logo. Like it has descended from some point in the far and distant future. And actually, it kind of is coming from the future, because it was shown during Loewe’s Spring 2016 collection, but you can purchase it now. Straight from the catwalk. It was at this point I Googled “futuristic shopping scenes in movies”, but unfortunately there was nothing of use. Anyway, I presume you are all familiar with the Puzzle Bag already and have all at one point considered spending a month’s rent on it – but for those of you who don’t, it’s a shapeshifter of an accessory – a geometric, foldable bag that can be worn over the shoulder, held by the handle or simply scooped up and nestled under the arm. In their more eloquent words – “volume is created though precise cutting which determines how it folds.” So not much of a puzzle, after all.

The Loewe puzzle silver is available online and in selected Loewe stores.